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Gulf Coast Rubber and Gasket is organized as a Limited Liability Company licensed in the State of Louisiana. Its owners, Bryan Vincent, Susan Vincent, Moby Goodwin, Craig Trosclair, and Allen Billups formed the company after years of working together to build value in an entity that would provide an opportunity for like-minded people to work together for the good of all in a positive and forward-thinking way.

Upon our founding, GCRG adopted the following as our vision statement that identifies our core beliefs: "Building value by serving customers, employees, and community."

GCRG is built upon the understanding that our purpose is to serve and that all value is derived from service to others.

We serve our customers by "elating" them, in that we provide customers with what they expect and then much more, so that we not only satisfy their expectations, but we exceed their expectations.

We serve our coworkers by understanding the value each person provides to our organization and that if we serve one another, we collectively succeed.

We serve our community by understanding the importance and duty of giving back to those in our community through charitable support and by our personal and active involvement in our churches, schools, and other civic organizations.

Our company is fortunate to have dedicated employees with 320 years’ combined experience. GCRG employees have specific and necessary competencies developed through these years of experience. GCRG offers its supplier manufacturers’ value by training its employees in manufacturers’ products, stocking manufacturers’ inventory, its committed capital, and promotion and development of manufacturers’ products for industrial applications.

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