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Gulf Coast Rubber and Gasket (GCRG) sales and field service technicians have many years of experience in providing specific products and technical services. Below are comprehensive summaries of additional products and services:


GCRG technical sales associates are trained and qualified to measure and identify all types of gaskets, including heat exchangers, pipe flanges, and hose applications of any size, whether located in the warehouse or in the field. In addition to our competency to measure exchanger heads and tube sheets, we are experienced in looking for problems or issues like pitting, corrosion, or erosion issues (i.e., nubbin erosion/wear) that could cause improper sealing of a gasket. We are also capable and competent to make recommendations to plant engineers for suitable gasket style or material changes considering the specific service, temperature, application, media, pressure, etc. We are also competent to measure tank manway gaskets of any shape or size. Our shop equipment for soft gasket cutting includes a waterjet for fast and accurate emergency service, and we use Engview software to create drawings that can be provided to the plant user. We have a spiral wound gasket table for manufacturing style 911 gaskets and double jacketed heat exchanger gaskets.


GCRG technical sales associates are also trained in hose identification and inspection of any type of rubber, chemical, hydraulic, or stainless-steel hose assembly. As an alliance hose vendor for several local plants, we currently conduct annual or semi-annual hose inspections (references are available upon request). This visual inspection is documented, and the information is provided to the plant owner for reliability and recording. We also have specific competency for measuring and identifying rail or truck loading rack hose, dry break couplings, and mechanical loading arms, as well as conducting factory-authorized repairs. We are members of NAHAD and the Hose Safety Institute, and we use the NAHAD hose assembly guidelines for all hose assembly fabrication. Our shop equipment includes a Uniflex HM480 hose crimper with up to a 12" capacity for all hydraulic and industrial hose crimping. We have an Omegaflex metal hose welding table and Miller TIG welding equipment, and our welders are certified. We have Dixon hydrostatic test equipment and filtered clean test water. We use Bandit tagging tools to attach stainless steel tags produced on our P.T. Coupling Engraving System. We also offer onsite training seminars. Some options include hose safety, selection, and usage at no additional charge.


GCRG’s local fastener manufacturing equipment includes an automated horizontal CNC cutting saw, a B&G chamfer and stamping machine, and two automated nutting tables. This equipment allows us to provide large quantities of special-length fastener products for emergencies with no additional cost to the plant user. We stock and cut B7, B7M, B16, B8, B8M, galvanized or zinc threaded rod. Our large stock of various grades of fastener nuts allows us to deliver complete fastener assemblies to local plants, reducing costs due to lost production. We are competent at identifying and measuring fasteners, even if it means going out into the field.


GCRG also manufactures metal and flue duct expansion joints, fabric or rubber chutes, and boots locally with our sewing and cold vulcanizing equipment. We also source rubber, metal, and Teflon expansion joints from several manufacturers and suppliers. We are competent at identifying and measuring these items, even if it means going out into the field.


GCRG has broad experience with conveyor systems and provides technical advice, including measuring belts and rollers and identifying components in service or in warehouse stock. We offer several products for material handling and pneumatic conveyors. Some of those items include belting, mechanical splices, skirt boards, pulleys, shafts, bearings, covers, lagging, cleaners, or any other relevant products.


GCRG also stocks many other items. For a more detailed list, check out our line sheet.

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